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Week 4 - waffles and museum

Despite having an unexpected day off on Wednesday, due to the flooding, we still managed to squeeze a lot of fun and learning into Week 4.

Stand out highlights were definitely our cooking session and our weekly outing.

For cooking we made choc chip waffles with cream (letter of the week was Cc and blend of the week was Cr so it tied in nicely with that).  Everyone helped to measure, mix, beat and cook.  The end result was DELICIOUS!

 On Fridays we are fortunate to be able to hire a van from North Canterbury Minibus Charitable Trust so we can go on outings.  This week we went to the Canterbury Museum and then had a picnic lunch in the Botanic Gardens - what a great way to end the week! Heaps of photos for you to enjoy...

Playdough creations, rockets, Star of the Week

Another few photos from Week 3 to share with you all...

During our Sensory Play session on Wednesday we created some aliens. Using playdough, pipe cleaners, iceblock sticks and googly eyes - the students had a lot of fun creating some very unique creatures from outer space!

We have been continuing to work on our Rockets this week too. Now that the paint has dried we have been decorating and adding extra features.

And finally, our Star of the Week Award for Week 3 goes to....
Kieran! For fantastic listening and following instructions. Well done Kieran.

Week 3

Our classroom has become a very popular place! Every day more and more students from the other classes at Ashgrove come to visit us on their break times. Today they came to visit while we were doing our topic work, so they joined in - colouring pictures of the planets for our wall. We love making new friends.

Johnandrew made an amazing castle out of blocks yesterday. He asked me to take a picture of it to share with you all. Wow, it is so tall!

And finally, we began making some cardboard box rocket ships in art this week.  First we have painted them all over, and next we are going to add some accessories to them, like engines and windows and other decorations. I can't wait to see how they look when they are finished.

And finally - our Star of the Week this week was Lake! He received his certificate at the whole school assembly which happens every fortnight. We were so proud of him for walking up on stage by himself, shaking hands with Mrs Chadwick, and lining up with all the othe…

Week 2

We have kicked off our SPACE topic this week. In art we made some fabulous marble paintings, then cut out circles to represent the planets.  Kieran chose to do Mars because red is his favourite colour.

 I wonder if you can guess which planet Sophie-Marie is making, with green and blue paint...
Although not technically a planet - we needed a Sun for our solar system so Kereama made one using yellow and orange paint - it looked awesome!
Once these are finished I will take a picture of the wall.

We also used playdough to make stars in maths, counting the right number for each sheet.
And finally, at the end of Week 1 Kereama was awarded our Star of the Week award for such a fantastic start to the year and for settling in so well to our new class - great job Kereama!