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Last post of the year - a mixture of bits!

And just like that - the year is over! I have taken literally hundreds and hundreds of photos this year, and wish I had time to share them all. Here are a few highlights from the last few weeks that I want to share before I log off for the summer break.

These photos were snapped the other day when I noticed Grace and Kieran playing a game of peekaboo around the classroom door. Both were in fits of laughter and having a great time - so lovely to watch, especially as Grace has only been with us a few weeks.

We also role-played going to the hairdressers, to help one of our students who finds it a bit stressful. Kieran volunteered to be our model. He wore a cape (an art shirt!), we sprayed his hair with a bit of water, then PRETENDED to cut his hair with both scissors and a fantastic app called 'Hair Trimmer' which sounds exactly like actual clippers. The students then took turns pretending to cut my hair too! (But there are no photos of that sorry)

These were our amazing artworks…

Christmas is coming!

Since today is the last day of November - we decided it was time to prepare our class for Christmas! Not only did we set up the tree and decorations in our classroom, but we were also lucky enough to get to walk through Santa's Grotto in the Ashgrove hall which is right next to our class! We have watched lots of amazing things be carried passed our windows for the last few days as they set up so it was very exciting to finally get to see it! We also attempted a photo with Santa, and did our very bestest to get one with everybody looking at the same time - check out a selection of the results at the end of this post.