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Week 7 "Yassou" from Greece

This week Rm22 'travelled' to the Mediterranean country of Greece. The first thing we do each week is use Google Earth to have a look around the new country. What does it look like? What is the same as NZ and what is different? Is it mountainous or flat? Does it have beaches? What do the houses look like? What famous places are in that country that we can look at?

The first thing we noticed about Greece is that it is made up of a few islands, and has lots of beautiful beaches. Also, the houses look quite different, they are mostly white with flat roofs and are pretty close together. There are lots of hills and mountains in Greece.  There is also lots of very very very old buildings, some of them are now ruins. We had a look around the parthenon, acropolis, and Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus. What amazing old buildings!

In art we made our own versions of the acropolis, and then translated our names into Greek and put these on them. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos of …

Week 6 - South Africa

Oops - sorry it took me a couple of weeks to post these photos! The second half of the term always gets away on me!

South Africa week was heaps of fun.  Some of the highlights included our trip to the Taste of Africa shop, where we purchased some treats to try (Chutney flavoured chips, and safari animal iced biscuits); learning to dance the Gwara Gwara dance, making rainsticks and necklaces, and cooking a delicious Malva pudding. And of course, our visitor for the week - Sophie-Marie's toy cheetah.

Here a few (actually a whole bunch of) photos from our week: