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Around the World - our week in the Netherlands

This term our topic is 'Around the World' and each week we will be studying a different country, learning how to find it on the map, looking at it's flag and how to say hello in the language, tasting food from the country, and learning a bit about what makes it unique and different to NZ.

We kicked off the term with The Netherlands, since 2 of our Teacher Assistants are married to Dutch men, and one of our Teacher Assistants is in fact Dutch herself!

On our outing on Tuesday we drove to the "Magnolia Electric Cafe", which until recently was called Van Dams Dutch Cafe. In the foyer there was a display of lots of embroideries, paintings and objects from the Netherlands, and inside the cafe they have a good range of dutch food products for sale. We were all very interested in the different cheeses, hotdogs in a can, and the range of lollies! In the end we decided to purchase a bag of these lollies below. They are in the shape of monkey faces and are a combination of…

Last week of Term 2

Week 10 absolutely flew by! Everyone was pretty tired but we crammed as much fun as we could into our last week before the holidays.

One definite highlight was going to the Strike concert at Allenvale School that we missed out on earlier in the term when the Ashgrove one had to be cancelled.  Part of the fun was getting to see all our friends from Allenvale, but also the concert was awesome too!  It was pretty loud - several students chose to wear earmuffs during it, but everyone was totally engrossed for the full hour!  Kieran even got chosen to go up on stage and learn how to play some Cook Island drums - great work Kieran!

After the concert had finished we decided to stop at a park nearby for a picnic morning tea and a play on the playground. Despite it being pretty cold, everyone had a great time. The fort in the middle of the playground was really cool - Kieran and Kereama loved being right at the top. Everyone also mastered the tyre challenge - it was tricky to get all the way a…